What is Protege

What is Protege?

Protege Photo is more than Shay Blechynden. Protege is about passion for the art of photography and for whatever subjects that are at hand. The term “Protege” is a term that describes one who is in reciept of mentorship by a more experienced and knowledgeable person. Any person who is serious about their craft should be attempting to foster personal relationships with those who can teach and mature them.

Protege is ultimately about becoming a more complete artisan and artist!

What Can Protege do?

Protege Photo strives to be a “one stop shop” for all of your image needs. We can provide personal and family portraits, wedding and event photography, product imagery as well as custom built video project and award winning landscape art for your home.

Protege Promise

When dealing with Protege Photo you can be assured that there will be a true personal interest in providing a quality product produced with passion and integrity.

Any business should be first and foremost a “people business”.